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Trixie awoke to the thing she was expecting least, Twilight's smiling face, as Twilight again prodded her with her hoof.
"Trixie is awake, you can stop bothering her." Trixie yawned, stretched and got halfway up in Twilight's spare bed; why Twilight had a spare bed was beyond her.
"Oh great!" Twilight smiled "Well I thought about it, since I'm studying friendship, and being a good friend means being a friendly person..." Trixie glowered at Twilight "How are you so cheerful? Don't you have a hangover?"
"No. As I was saying." Twilight kissed her sister on the nose "I am going to love and tolerate the shit out of you."
"Kill me now."

Trixie packed her bags, her head was killing her.
"Are you leaving already, don't you want to meet with my friends?" Asked Twilight, she hoped they would get along.
"No Trixie does not. Trixie wants to get back to Canterlot. Trixie has a job to do." Trixie strutted around the room, dramatizing her arrival.
"Well then that's great." Twilight Sparkle shouted "I've been meaning to go back to Canterlot to visit the academy and Princess Celestia for awhile now."
Trixie sighed and remained silent, there was no way she was getting out of spending time with her new sister was there? This whole trip had been a mistake.
Twilight began packing her bags "Spike, SPIKE!"
The sleepy baby dragon yawned and looked up "What is it?"
"I'm going to be on a trip for about a week, make sure the library is clean when we get back." Twilight said cheerfully.
"Yaaaawwnnnn, Sure Thing Twi..." Spike looked around the library, it looked like a stampede of buffalo had run through trashing the place. "Celestia damn it all."

Trixie and Twilight arrived in Canterlot; much to Twilight's chagrin her sister had constantly avoided her attempts to get to know her better. Twilight felt it was finally time to speak. "Trixie you've been avoiding me, don't you want to be friends?"
"No." Trixie looked away.
"Come on Trixie you must be lonely everyone wants friends." Twilight smiled at her sister.
"Trixie has friends, good friends from the circus. Trixie doesn't want to be friends with YOU."
Twilight sighed, it wouldn't be that easy would it. Maybe she would change her mind after she saw what Twilight had planned for her.

Celestia entered the private balcony alongside her pupil, the visit was nice but she knew right away that Twilight had something on her mind, and asking her to come to the circus was certainly an odd request. Celestia hadn't been to the circus in over a decade though, so a visit was overdue.
Celestia looked over at her student, who smiled, as if to say "It's starting."
A blue unicorn took the stage "Welcome everyone to the Canterlot circus, today you will see wild beasts, comedy, drama, action, and best of all the awe inspiring magic of the GREAT and POWERFUL TRIXIE!"
"Hmm I didn't know a unicorn performed at the circus." Celestia stated, bringing her hoof to her chin thoughtfully.
"That's what I want to talk about Princess." Said Twilight fidgeting nervously in her seat.
"Well doesn't she look umm... familiar?"
"Let me think. Oh yes, why she's an uncanny match for your father."
"Well she's my sister." Celestia sat silently, waiting for her pupil to continue. "Remember how you said you'd never seen a unicorn as talented as me? Well she is. But she grew up here in the circus she never had the opportunities I did, but I feel that if she could get some help....."
"She's too old for the royal magic academy, she'd need a tutor. But if she's as talented as you say there's few who could teach her." Celestia knocked off a list of tutors she believed suitable.
"I already thought of that, But there is someone good enough..."
"No Twilight, I'm far too busy recently and have enough students as it is." Celestia said, misunderstanding.
"I didn't mean you princess, she's an illusionist, a trickster, she should be taught by someone who...."
"NO. And there is nothing more to be said."

Celestia laid down looking at the daily reports, her mind troubled. Maybe she should tell her, maybe it would be good for her.
"Siiissssteeerr, what's bothering you." Said the very thing on Celestia's mind, as it landed inside Celestia's mane.
"Luna what have I said about playing around inside my hair?"
"But but it's soooo fun sister." Luna Sniffled "It's so colorful and lovely."
"Please, it's distracting."
"Finneeee" Luna slumped beside her sister "So what's on your mind, you promised you would keep me in the loop in regards to affairs of state."
"I did Luna, and I've kept my promise. What's troubling me doesn't involve affairs of state."
"So personal issues?" Luna grinned slyly "Does this have to do with your date with twilight? Did she dump you?"
"It wasn't a date sister, please that would just be awkward. I'm like a mother to her.."
"So it does have to do with twilight then."
Celestia simply sighed, her sister was good with secrets, far better than she ever could be. She needed to get Luna out of the room or she would figure out everything "Listen Luna, I'm busy and need to think about this. Why don't you go to the circus or something." Celestia then realized what she had just said.
Luna burst into a huge grin "Go out? Leave the Palace? SURE THING!"
"Wait No Not the..." But it was too late, the little moon goddess had sped out. "Circus. Oh dear."

The little dark blur sped through the sky as her personal guard followed her. "Please princess, you're not supposed to leave the castle. What will Celestia say if she finds out? What will happen to ME‽"
"Don't worry your pretty mortal head, Celestia wanted me out her hair...literally....So she told me go see the circus or something, so that's exactly what I'm going to do." The guard just looked at her quizzically.
"What, you don't believe me? Would I Lie to you?" Said Luna sarcastically
"Umm seeing how one of your titles is mother of deception...YES." Said the guardsman as he finally caught up to his charge.
"Oh you're too kind, but there is no deception here. Celly would give me one of those I'm not mad I'm just disappointed looks if I ran off without permission. So come on were going to the circus."
The guardsman sighed; this was not an argument he was going to win "Didn't she just go to the circus with her student today?"
"Yes, yes she did." Said Luna with a huge mischievous grin on her face.

Luna arrived at the circus with her personal guard in tow, and walked up to the ticket master "We would like a private booth please, and be hush hush about it." She turned to her guard "Please pay the man." The guard sighed, and placed the money in the ticket masters window.
The ticket master simply stared in awe. "Is something wrong sir?"
"This is the second time a princess has been here today, that's all. Here you go, one private booth key." He passed the key to Luna who deftly picked it up with her magic.
"I wonder what my sister saw here today?" Luna giggled to herself.

Luna watched intently as the circus began as she magically lifted some binoculars to her face; she wanted a good view of this. Act by act the shows passed fun but nothing Celly would keep from her, she began to wonder if it wasn't anything to do with the circus when finally a blue unicorn took the stage.
'Moon cutie mark? Star Theme? Illusionist?' Luna grinned to herself as she watched the blue unicorn's act 'Oh sister, how could you even think of hiding such a treasure from me?'
"Um my lady, I know that look. you're not planning anything that would anger the princess are you?"
"Of course not." She grinned wickedly; it wouldn't anger one princess anyways; it might anger the other however, but it would be worth it.

Trixie tucked herself into bed, and under the light of the moon she began to dream. Elsewhere in Canterlot the mistress of the night grinned as the crystal flickered to life. The crystal was just a focus, it was Luna's own power that would warp the dreams of her new toy, but it did certainly make watching the fun easier.

"Oh what will we dream about my new pet? What hooks in your soul will I find?" Luna watched intently through the crystal as visions of adoring fans cheered Trixie on, called her the greatest, the most powerful. "Oh no no no, come on now you must want something more than that."

Luna plumed Trixie's mind searching for something more interesting, and soon she found it.  She watched the memory play before her, watched the lies slide off Trixie's tongue "Only I The great and powerful Trixie have magic strong enough to defeated the dreaded URSA MAJOR."
"Ohhhh my dear, I like your bravado but you must learn to keep your lies believable." She watched as the memory continued, in her bed Trixie shivered as the day of her humiliation played out once more.
"We have a uh tiny problem."
"Actually it's a big one."
"What is so important that you cannot wait until morning to disturb Trixie."
Luna watched as Trixie tried in vain to vanquish the mighty beast, watched as twilight one-upped her by succeeding and watched as Trixie ran from Ponyville humiliated.

"No stop, Trixie doesn't want to remember. Get out of Trixie's mind." The unicorn rolled uncomfortably in her bed.
"Oh my, you can sense me?" Luna grinned, oh she had a jewel here "Then let us abandon pretense my dear filly let us see what is in your heart, let us see into your nightmares."
Trixie's dream was plunged into darkness, fear and loneliness gripped her. An image burned in her mind, An image of her sister, Twilight, who had humiliated her, how jealous she was of all the things twilight had that she never would, jealous of how much stronger her magic was, how much she wanted to beat her to humiliate her as she had been humiliated.
Luna laughed a wicked laugh, If there was any gods of destiny above her she would be thanking them right now for what had been delivered into her hooves.
The Darkness of Trixie's nightmare was broken as Everypony's greatest fear walked into view, Nightmare itself had entered her dreams. "Great and Powerful Trixie, you wish for magical power, you wish to defeat your sister Twilight Sparkle. I can give you that, but what would you be willing to give me?"
Trixie filled with fear could give no answer but the truth "Anything."
"Would you swear yourself to me? Body and Soul? Would you help bring about eternal night?"
"Yes, Yes, YES. Trixie will do anything, She will be your slave. Just give her the power to beat Sparkle."
The nightmare shattered to be replaced with a comforting blanket of stars and nightmare moon faded away to the far kinder visage of Luna. "It's a good thing for you Nightmare Moon isn't here to hear you say that then, isn't it?" The Moon Princess grinned and laughed.

Trixie awoke as the sunlight rained on her face. It was just a dream, of course it was. No magic to manipulate dreams existed, she was sure of that.....right?

Luna curled up in her bed. "Luna, there you are. Going to bed early?"
Luna rolled over and looked up at her sister "Yes Celly I had a very tiring day, After all I went to the circus just like you said." Luna could read nothing on her sisters face, damn. "And well after a year couped up in the palace and a thousand years on the moon it was very exciting." And it was just not for the circus, though that was fun.
"I see anyways Luna I've come to a decision. Since you were saved by the Magic of Friendship, it is for the best that you have a Friend, someone to talk to."
"But I have friends, There's you and that guard...what's his name." Luna snickered.
"Well Other friends, new friends. And I have someone in mind, i think you'll like her...."
"I think I will too sister." And with that Luna closed the shades and went to sleep.
I made a sequel to Twilight's sister. Didn't intend to when i wrote the first.
While this does follow off Twilight's sister it's not really about the relationship of those two, though you will get to see there friendly rivalry develop.

This one has already gone through my editor(thx samuszoomer) unlike the original, so you don't have to deal with my horrible grammar.

This is part 1, Will probably hit 3-4 parts.
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ohlookaturtle Featured By Owner May 9, 2011
This is the best fic ever!
nightmaster000 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011
very great to see a sequel i hope to see the reactions of the rest of Twilights friends when they find out Trixie is her sister that would be good
HolyDemonAndy Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
I'm enjoying this a lot. Really well done. Looking forward to more. Editor did a great job.
samuszoomer Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
Why thank you.
Solaris90 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
So...I'm confused. Is Luna good or evil?
WhitemageofDOOM Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011
Luna's alignment is troll.
Solaris90 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer

Okay, let's see...troll shares the letter "L" with evil...but it also shares the letter "O" with good...minus cheese, carry the four...
Divide by muffins... add the square root of squirrel... all to the power of (infinity divided by zero)... equals?
DominationAngel Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011
*explodes* Ha!..*Explodes twice* Damn. Back to the marshmallow drawing board...
You draw marshmallows?
Solaris90 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Perhaps, but...oh bollocks, we've forgotten a key variable in our calculations! We've forgotten to differentiate between "evil" and "malicious"! We've thrown the whole system out of wack! :noes:
In that case I see her as evil (self-centered, not altruistic) rather than malicious.
Solaris90 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
*puts on fez and monocle*

While I disagree with your characterization of Luna, I will fight with my life to defend your right to such characterization.

*takes off hat and monocle* I feel sad for Trixie.
DominationAngel Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
And that's how baby ponies are made. :wtf:
loveiswoe Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011
Ha i love this, i cant wait to see what the fates have in store for this little group!
Nova225 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
>Darkness >Nightmare >etc bad stuff Luna... >Body and Soul >bring about eternal night

-You do remember that she isn't Nightmare Moon anymore, right ?

I can see Luna being a sneaky pony, but not evil-ish...
Not sure to appreciate the way things are going... or maybe just the way you chose to represent Luna's personality...
WhitemageofDOOM Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
Did you read after the little nightmare stint? She was just trolling Trixie.

I didn't want to go with BAWWWWW Emo Luna, so i went with some classical lunar associations and made her a trickster archtype, and it's a whole lot of fun to write trolluna.
Nova225 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
Yes, yes I read, but...
>It's a good thing for you Nightmare Moon isn't here to hear you say that then, isn't it?" The Moon Princess grinned and laughed
-It kinda ''not make me believe the contrary'', when I read this next... Maybe the way it's said?

For Luna's personality... Absolutely yes, Sad Luna is overdone, and it's good to have a more 'classical' approach of the ''Moon's'' character.
But like I said, sneaky doesn't mean evil-ish style, not always.

Just saying.
StringPetounPing Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
If Celestia was ready to follow her guts, she would lock Luna inside her golden cage before things got out of control. She is a trickster and things will soon spiralling out of control around here.
WhitemageofDOOM Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
Things are already out of control. Celestia could lock up Luna even tighter in her golden cage, but what would it matter? There's nothing she can do to keep Luna out of Trixie's mind.
StringPetounPing Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
Celestia is the older sister, she can use the I'm not mad I'm just disappointed look. I am sure it is still working. Luna certainly doesn't want that this disappointment turn into anger. Last time she misbehaved too much she was send in a corner for a millennium. It should calm her down if she think to the consequence.
EbonMane Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
Luna is pretty awesome in this one. Looking forward to more.
samuszoomer Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
Yay I got a shout out!
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